History of the Liedertafel Mattighofen
  ???? The Liedertafel (Genial singers) probably originated as a men's choir (Many years ago)
  1855 The first written document testifying to the existence of the Liedertafel found in a song collection in Landshut (Bavaria)
  1863 The statutes approved by the Emperor, his Majesty Franz Joseph I
  1947 During the War activities had to be intermittently stopped. In 1947 the club was re-established.
  1969 Under Bruno Jirasek's leadership the choir was extended to allow women members.
  1973 Alois Kogler, a young music professor took control of the choir.
He had a formative influence on the sound and extent of works performed by the choir.
  1989 Mattighofen's Liedertafel is honoured with its own rehearsal room in the National School of Music.
  2000 The club must thank Alois Kogler for many years of expert guidance.
Andreas Penninger, an ambitious music student, takes over control of the choir as its new conductor.
  2002 Alliance with Volkliedsingkreis Pischelsdorf
  2004 The music professional, Prof. Joseph Werndl, takes over the chorus again and heads the 150-year anniversary concert in 2005.
The choir thanks Prof. Werndl for three times of expert guidance.
  2009 Mag. Irene Baischer takes over control of the choir as its new conductor and 
  2010 Mrs. Birngruber sets up a youth choir.
  2012 Under the leadership of Ms. Viktoria Scharinger the peppy concert "Summer of 69" (Poster) thrilled the audience.
  2014 Mrs Christine Gerauer, a graduate of the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz and trained soprano soloist takes over the choir.
In 2015 Mrs Gerauer headed the secular oratorio "Königin Not (Queen of Misery) by the Austrian poet, Franz Stelzhamer 
In 2016 she conducted the concert "Gemischter Satz" with the participation of the Schößler Choir,
in 2017 the Christmas concert "Joy in Advent" and
in 2019 the concert with the title " Opera, operetta, musical "(Poster).
in 2023 after nine years of successful work, Mrs. Gerauer is ending her commitment to the Liedertafel.